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We raise stock dogs for ranchers who need a loyal working partner to get the job done.  We use our dogs daily.  Our goal is to raise dogs with gritt, power, stamina and the ability to think for themselves when they need to.

We have puppies started and finished dogs for sale throughout the year.





Full Blood McCallum Foundation bred dog.  He has been my working partner for 8 years. He is very laid back easy going dog that can read any situation put in front of him. He can handle baby calves with no fuss, too tuff hard to handle cows. He has a tremendous amount of stock sense bred in him and he reproduces that in his progeny.

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Red and White 2010 Male border Collie By Lone Rider (Sire Chili) out of dam Bubba by Chilli female.  Very Intense Strong work ethic, bold no nonsense working dog.  He is very strong to the head with no back up.  Sires Tuff hard working cow dogs.

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Tri colored 2012 male. Sire Bocephus (Boss, Hank, Liz). Dam by Mccallum Kutter, Granddam Tony, Hank –Tall lanky slick haired, Making a very nice ranch dog, very trainable easy going, Bold with lots of power and lots of stock sense.

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Black and White 2008 Female. Sire Lonrider Chilli Dam by Kutter. Grand dam Tony, Hank. Whelped many good pups, working on many ranches across the United States. Pictured working with Kutter.

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S.C. Champ Jill

Black and White slick haired 2007 female. Whelps strong, bold cow dogs.

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